Graduation Day – 10th Grade


The young students dressed in their best, were ready to take on the challenges of the World! Graduation Day Ceremony for the 2014 batch of tenth standards was held on 7th of February at Indiranagar Sangeetha Sabha. 2014. It was a solemn occassion and a momentous day. It had its own special niche in everyone’s heart as it acts as a summation of each fruitful year. Graduation Day marks a time when a person is moving on to a new phase in his life. It is a distant pleasure to celebrate the biggest milestone in the lives of these young children. Graduation Day is indeed an unforgettable day. The turning point of growing up, and to fulfill new dreams.


This day they visualize a world outside school with greater hopes and fears. They leave behind the sheltered premises that transformed a toddler to a confident well-groomed person. Graduation is the time to look forward to fresh opportunities. Like the serene and beautiful dawn, which glides into a brilliant day, may all the happy and joyous events of their past, merge into a still happier future.


Graduation Day - Montessori


A day keenly awaited by the parents, children and above all the aunties of the Montessori section. It marks the culmination of the three wonderful years of bonding, sharing, learning and many more such emotions that were shared by the aunties and the children.


"SURABHI" a cultural event was put up by this year's graduating batch on 1st Feb 2014 at the Indiranagar Sangeetha Sabha. The theme chosen was "SPRING". The programme was unveiled by Dr.Mrs.Gayethri Devi, Principal, Little Flower Public School.


The cultural programme took the audience through the seasons winter, spring and summer depicted by dances and action songs. That spring is rejuvinating, blossoming, invigorating and above all promising was well enacted by the children. The significance of Spring to the various living things like trees, birds, flowers, insects, animals and human beings was presented beautifully by the little ones.